Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately it is not cost effective for a Virtual Assistant to work less than 5 hours per week for 1 client. The minimum is based on an entry level of 1 hour per day.

These hours will be billed back to the client if it is a one off? For a regular increase in hours as your business grows, we would recommend stepping up to the next plan. This increases the hours available but at a lower rate so will be more cost effective.

In exceptional circumstances overtime can be done in order to complete the project or task and this will be billed accordingly. Repetitive extended hours is unethical and we would suggest hiring a 2nd virtual assistant on a lower package to cover those extra hours required. Over working your virtual assistants can cause them to burn out and they can then make mistakes.

From Graham’s experience with working with Filipino people and Virtual assistant I have found them to be very friendly, incredibly trustworthy, and efficient in their work. They have great language skills and often have university standards of education. The telecom systems in the Philippines is very reliable offering stable internet connections which is vital for remote working.

Yes, you can discuss your requirements with us and we can find the right people to build your team quickly and efficiently.

One contracts are signed and you are happy with your Virtual Assistant, payments are made in advance weekly either by bank transfer or the use of for International Payments. is a cheap and expedient intermediary that facilitates cross currency transfers.

A study in the Harvard Business Review revealed that remote employees completed nearly an extra day’s worth of work every week compared to their in-office colleagues.

The systems that have been developed, give the client an efficient way of setting deadlines and allocating a time per task, alleviating productivity concerns.