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Graham, Co-Founder and Director

Graham comes from a police and security background and went on to build a property business. The experience gained from those institutions have given him a strong sense of loyalty and moral compass.

After spending all his time building his businesses, 7 days a week and missing out on important dates and occasions, he realised that family, quality of life and those special experiences are worth more. Time disappears very quickly; virtual assistants gave him the time he needed to grow the business and to spend with his family.

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Aga, Co-Founder and Director

Aga has been working as a virtual assistant, web developer, and online business marketer for several years. Gaining knowledge in various fields and building a broad network of professionals in The Philippines.

He is very interested in business strategies, a highly motivated individual, his young family is his driving force to be successful. The time he spends with his family is treasured, his faith guides him and helping people brings him a sense of personal satisfaction.

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Co-Founder and Director at ExpertVA Ltd

our collaboration

Graham was mentored in the mechanics of working with virtual assistants and was inspired as to how they can help grow your business. From his personal experience, the passion developed to help other business owners overcome burnout. Aga has been working remotely with Graham, the dynamic grew to a point where we formed ExpertVA.

We want to bridge the gap between business owners and virtual assistants. Only a small percentage of businesses last more than 5 years and of those, a small fraction goes on to 10 years in operation. With the right background assistance, business owners can still grow their business and maintain the work/personal life balance.

Why Our Clients

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Our company values


The future is in building relationships and never compromising on our principles.


Doing the “the right thing” is the basis for all good relationships. This builds loyalty and trust in customers.


By focusing on our strengths we have found our passion. We love what we do, this inspires us to help our clients build their businesses.


Developing and strengthening the systems to improve performance and increased value for our clients


Taking the initiative to bring about positive results. We are accountable for the quality of our work and service to our clients.