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Free up your time to scale your business with our highly-skilled reliable virtual assistants.

We Can Help You Save

Time. Money. Hassle.

Focus on the big stuff

Let our virtual assistants do those daily repetitive jobs so you can focus on high income generating tasks or creating more time to share with your family. Build your business and take those holidays, knowing the everyday tasks are competently done.

Increased turnover

Virtual assistants are independent contractors saving you the hassle and costs of full-time employees. Employee holidays, taxes, healthcare, office space, furnishings, and IT to name a few, are very expensive and shrouded reams of complicated employment law. These are no longer a consideration which adds to your bottom line.

Peace of mind

Having the ability to meet that client or take a holiday, knowing it’s business as usual when you aren’t immediately available is invaluable. Entrepreneur overload and burnout is very common and is a large cause of anxiety and stress. Our virtual assistants will give you back that time, freedom and peace of mind.

The Best Virtual Assistant company

Expert Virtual Teams

The future of work is now. Build a team of Virtual Assistants who are experts in their field.

ExpertVA are here to help you get more time and be more productive during the day. Giving you the opportunity to, “work on your business, not in your business”. Remote working has been a game changer, opening a new era in collaboration and communication. Access to new technology, makes working with virtual assistants far more accessible. Systems and Apps now provide the tools for people to work smarter and faster, creating higher productivity levels and increasing turnover.

how it works


Discuss your needs

Book a consultation to discuss your needs. This will help us find the right VA for you and your business.


Select your plan

Choose the plan that is right for you.


Meet your VA

We’ll have a conference call with you and your assistant. You can interview 2-3 candidates if you want.


Get started!

Start working with your assistant to offload your tasks. Working with VA’s has never been easier here at ExpertVA.

how we do it

The tides have changed, and more people are realising the benefits of remote working. Many businesses understand the concept of virtual assistants but are worried about finding the right person. Can that person be trusted, are they qualified and will they actually do the work? Through experience, we have developed systems to help you outsource your daily repetitive tasks. We have bridged the gap between business owner and virtual assistant.

You can now rely on us to match your requirements with an experienced virtual assistant. We have systems and people in place to guide you to outsource your work. Once you have outsourced your first job, you will see the immediate value in hiring a virtual assistant.

The different packages we offer allow you to outsource slowly without the overspend. Start with 5 hours a week then you can increase your package as you outsource more. This also gives you the ability to “test drive” the system without a huge commitment.

What We Do Best


Administrative Support

Handling office tasks, such as creating reports and presentations, filing, and other general office management.

Customer Support

Responding to your customers' queries via email or chat. Identify and assess customers' needs to achieve satisfaction.

Virtual Assistance

Email and calendar management. Scheduling meetings and appointments. Completing your to-do list.

Graphic Design

Designing company logos, postcards, icons and illustrations for websites, banners, social media posts, and business cards.


Creating invoices and bills in Xero. Reconciling transactions in Xero. Recording and maintaining business financial transactions.

Social Media Management

Running company social media advertising campaigns. Managing social media strategy to increase brand awareness.